Friday, October 16, 2009


I've been away for a while, but only because the world wasn't ready for my particular brand of wit and sarcasm (e.g. that Obama post from way back when. I mean seriously, I voted for the guy. AND NOW LOOK AT HIM... winning Nobel Peace Prizes. [Babetron, will you please edit my capitalization and punctuation?] Sorry folks, I went to public school... IN ORACLE, ARIZONA. Look it up. We had gangs. It was tough being a white kid. I was valedictorian, but only because I slept with the science teacher. Joking. Totally joking. She was hideous.)

If I didn't do that parentheses trick right I'm sorry. It's been a while since calculus. (I can do derivatives. I was valedictorian of my jr. high in case you are bad at reading.)

Anyway, I love that "Gold Digger" jam. It's ridiculously off the hook. And having lived in Chicago (SOUTH SIDE) I feel like I should certainly support Kanye. But, the guy is amazingly ridiculous. Can we please laugh at him and then go back to busting out some funky jams. Seriously... that song is amazing.

Also if you are wondering why I do not post more often... I AM GOING THROUGH A MORAL DILEMMA. (Not a diorama. Those include a lot more dinosaurs and vinegar + baking soda volcanoes.) I think blogs are a narcissistic stage for the self-important to proclaim their insignificant observations/victories/milestones.

Just kidding interwebs. I love you. Can I has cheeseburger? (Seriously, Babetron ... that last sentence is OK.)

So, why have I decided to revisit this rapidly decaying medium? BECAUSE... I miss you. I still hold firm that YouTube is the one quasi-successful example of anarchy. I have listened to a lot of Propaghandi and as much as I love the idea of (A)narchy (that is supposed to be an "A" with a circle around it) I know of few political ideals (I'm looking at YOU communism), anarchy included, that work as well in practice as anarchy vis-a-vis YouTube.  (If I need to explain this to you, please feel free to comment. I am an argumentative mother effer. [Is that cool? I know a couple of moms who read this blog. I'm not trying to teach your kids bad language.])

In short, if I have any knowledge to drop on the world it is this:

  * If you are living in Chicago and not going to every single Gossip show you can afford you are doing it wrong.
  * Please put in "Hank Williams III" into Pandora
(the Greek myth is way cooler). You will not be sad at the gluttony of jams that spring forth.
  * The only good turtle is turtle soup. -Shredder

I have a lot more knowledge to drop, but you are not ready for it.

Also, Babetron is seriously cute and does not dabble in such ridiculous trolling. So please don't blame her for any comments my A.I. programming has made me contribute to the interwebs.


p.s. Jay... we should get into a full fledged argument about politics. I am going through a major paradigm shift. I don't think we should have elected leaders. We should resort to gladiator arenas to find the strongest and most capable. No seriously, what's so great about the electoral college? (You can't even get a degree. I've tried.*)   *babetron/editor's note: puh-dum, ching.


Brooklyn said...

I'm going through a moral dilemma about why there aren't more dioramas on this blog. Could I get you to use YouTube for that? It would feel so much more illicit, given the medium's anarchist tendencies.

Jay said...

Called you back, dooder. Let's get in touch this week(end).

babetron said...

internet radio + grad school + mild turpentine fumes = this blog post.

Kevin S. in Chi-town said...

I can has more blog posts?

maegan said...

yes more please. I might not be ready to hear it, but I need to hear it anyway. And yes the science teacher that was hideous- was it Mrs Boller or Mrs Wolpa you were referring to?